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I want the depths of Jesus
by alex williams

Hello friends who are following this. I am gonna close down my blog account later this week cause I realize I never use it. I feel like I’ll pick it up again in the future, but I just hate having something alive that I am not tending too on a regular basis. It just bugs me. If I’m not friends with you on facebook, find me. Would love to stay “connected.” Either way. I’m shutting this thing doooown. Love love love.

At Adorn the other week, Lazo went on a killing spree by listing off how amazing Jesus is. It was awesome. But it got me thinking.

I think a lot of people have memorized and can quote John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.” For just plain fun, I think it’s interesting to see what it really means for Jesus to be the Way.

In John 10, Jesus talks about being the Good Shepherd, leading people to the door, etc. Check this out:

First and foremost, the goal of Jesus was to make a way and bring us to God (1 Peter 3:18). It’s also key to recognize that while Jesus was praying to the Father on behalf of us, He said: “This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent” (John 17:3). Our ultimate and final destination is to be with God, which amazingly begins the moment we repent and put our lives in the hands of God. But, what does Jesus mean when He says He is the way?

John 10:1-2 illustrates a scene that brings an analogy between entering into eternal life through the “door into the fold of the sheep,” or being a thief and trying to get in some other way.

Jesus says: “I am the door of the sheep” (John 10:7).

So, eternal life is to know God, and to gain eternal life, we must enter through the door. Jesus is the door… But, How do we get to the door?

Jesus says: “But he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep” (10:2). And, “I am the good shepherd” (10:11). 

So, to get to eternal life, which is God, one must go through the door, which is Jesus. But to go through the door, one must be led by the shepherd, who is Jesus as well.

Jesus then says: “… the sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out” (10:3). 

So, to even get near the Shepherd, you must be called by name by the Shepherd, Himself.

The goal is eternal life, which is God. To get eternal life, one must enter through the door; which is Jesus. To get to the door, one must be led by the Shepherd; who is Jesus. To follow to Shepherd, one must be called by the Shepherd. 

When Jesus says “I am the way,” there really is no other way to go except by Him, and through Him; then it all ends with Him. Wow.

"One’s personal relationship with Christ towers over every other consideration. What establishes preeminence in the Christian community is not apostleship or ecclesiastical office, nor titles or territory, not the charismatic gifts of tongues, healing or prophecy, or inspired preaching, but only our response to Jesus’ question, ‘Do you love Me?’"

Brennan Manning, “Abba’s Child.”

I’m visiting my friend Cody Wiesen up in Stanford and had the privilege of going to reality san francisco this morning. Super super rad. If you’re in the bay area on a Sunday, cruise there. Spirit filled and Christ centered! Anyways, right after the service, I saw a young guy my age still on his knees on the carpets. I loved seeing that because it shows a person who really stays in the presence of God after worshipping instead of just snapping back into “everyday life.” I wanted to go tell him that I really respect and honor that attitude towards God. So I walked up to him just to bless him for loving Jesus. He was still in the presence and I just told him that I was thankful for his heart towards the Lord. We talked for a bit and I asked if I could pray for him. He said yes, and in return I asked for anything in particular. He told me just to pray prophetically. I was like, “ya baby!” So I laid my hands on him and I immediately got a picture in my head of him laying on top of a hill with a rain cloud over him just raining down on him. I felt like God was saying that He knew that David (this guys name) was vulnerable and open to God and was being laid bare before God so that God would have his all. I told David this and continued to pray more. Afterwards, David looked at me and said: “Dude, the other day I was up on a hill near where I live in Hollister and was up there with my guitar just worshipping God. All of a sudden it started raining!” David went on to say that he just stayed there and kept worshipping God with his guitar in the rain. Two kids saw him doing this and came up to him to see what he was doing. David preceded by asking them to come to church and they ended up getting saved! David was encouraged by this prophetic word and I was encouraged to know that God sees everything. He’s everywhere and knows every detail of our lives. Even when we’re on top of a hill worshipping Him in the rain. David and I will stay connected. Amazing guy who is so hungry for God. I love walking with Jesus and seeing what He does! God be glorified!!! Be encouraged, God is speaking!

I recently finished this book entitled, “The Quest For The Radical Middle,” by Bill Jackson. The book is a history of the Vineyard Church movement and loaded with the most amazing information about what John Wimber and the Vineyard movement went through. I could not put this book down. I feel like I found nugget after nugget that inspired me to hunger for God more and more. I could quote pages of this book, but one section really stood out to me. This is a little section written by the author about John Wimber, and Wimber’s view towards experiencing the Holy Spirit.

Wimber, for example, had Pentecostals ask him if he had had a ‘visitation’ (from God). The assumption was that he could not experience the supernatural as he did if he had not had some kind of extraordinary experience with God. Wimber’s response was to tell them that he got started by reading the gospel of Luke. In other words, he started where any evangelical would: with Scripture. He then tried to go out and live the Book.” (The Quest for the Radical Middle, Bill Jackson, p. 118).

Yes!!! This is what I love! The humility and truth in that answer is so beautiful. I hope we all can see the beauty of just obeying God’s Word and taking it for what it says. As Leanoard Ravenhill once said,

One of these days some simple soul will pick up the book of God, read it, and believe it. Then the rest of us will be embarrassed.” 

I love it. 

Alex Williams.

I choose to live my life with an understanding that I will lean not on my own understanding. God has made It available for Him to be known here on earth by His inerrant, living Word. That is my primary way of understanding and knowing who the true God is. But, while interacting with older people of the faith, it seems as though people get comfortable and in a routine after studying Him for so long. Honestly, that scares me. I want to live in a constant flow of knowing that there is always more from God. Not new doctrine, or new revelation, but just knowing that as long as Holy Spirit is here on earth, He is moving. I want to praise and follow the God who is unchanging yet moving. To live this life, I can’t lean on my own understanding. I can only trust Him and know that there is always more. He is always moving. Jesus, if I ever feel as though I’ve figured You out… Break me. Keep me in a place of wonder and awe.

How you view God will determine how you view yourself. Furthermore, how you view your identity will determine how you view God. Start with God, and go from there. It’s in the Bible.

It seems as though God wants to give this gift more than we know. How about we start asking for it so that we might bring encouragement and edification to the rest of the Body. Don’t feel weird asking for it. It’s not weird for God. Go ahead, ask… He’s usually more willing to give it then we are to ask for it. There’s a reason Paul said we should especially desire prophecy (1 Cor 14:1). Let’s experience why.

Im going to hold off on posting information about Discernment for a while. Busy season. My material for it is fun though. Excited to jump into it.

In the last three and a half years, God has taken me on a journey I never really wanted to go on. I remember asking for the gift of discernment a long time ago, yet little did I know, He would actually take me on a path that was this difficult. Am I claiming I actually have the supernatural gift of discernment? Not really. If anything, I’ve dug so hard into the Scriptures that I feel like God always has me in an uneasy place when I read books and listen to people speak. What I mean by that is that it feels as though the Spirit inside me, most of the time, has me test everything I hear or read (Acts 17:11). It’s the greatest thing and the most laborious thing at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, there are many many times where I feel safe and am able to openly receive things, but a lot of the time, the Spirit inside me is discerning. This “season” has been filled with tears and joy. Thankfulness and sorrow. Frustration and peace. Overall, I thank God for this gift, but it has sucked along the way. Learning how to function in this gift is the true key to understanding and using it. I’ve read countless hours into books that have talked about discernment, and experienced enough events to realize that the gift of discernment is probably the most needed gift in the Church today. (This is my momentary opinion. I could be totally wrong, and am open to change it with the seasons or most importantly, by biblical reproof). Anyways, I want to share what I’ve been learning. I am going to write a series of posts about the gift of discernment and just discernment in general. I hope the following posts are a blessing and helpful. Above all else, I pray everyone who reads these will hunger for Jesus and the truth He desired us to be sanctified in (John 17:17). I love you all.

Alex Williams